Elena Siletti is a research fellow in statistics (SECS-S01), she holds a degree in Political Science from University of Milan and she got a Phd in Statistics from University of Milano-Bicocca. Currently she is Post-doc Research Fellow for Social Science in the scientific area of Economics and Statistics at the Department of Economics, Management and Quantitative Methods, University of Milan.Research interests focus mainly on statistical methodologies with real life applications, including but not limited to social media and visual data analysis, big data, patent data, well-being and inequality measures, research methods to further the understanding of consumer behaviour and to improve marketing decision-making, quality and customer satisfaction assessment, SEM-PLS and time series models. During her former research activity and the master degree she was involved in the evaluation of educational and training activities for the educational systems assessment. In each area, her work will continue to strive for a balance between excellence in the practice of statistics on important real-world problems and opportunities to innovate.


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